Oh my Lady Gaga!

So the past three weeks have been beyond crazy. Today and tomorrow I’ll be posting up all the highlights since my absence, the good and the not so good!

At work I’ve been refining the masterplan to prepare for a presentation, this included managing a team of 6 people to prepare diagrams, complete case studies and a detailed 3D model of the masterplan for renders and a video.  The aim is to finish up the most important central core of the masterplan and then leave my trusty colleague in charge as I finish up my internship.

Just another day in the office.

Just another day in the office.

In amongst everything else, I have also been going to language lessons 2 evenings a week for a 2 hour lesson where our teacher has been racing through the basics.  It has been great as I have been practicing all week and engaging in many conversations with my Chinese locals, buying things at the shops, ordering at the restaurant, navigating a taxi driver back home and telling a curious waiter where I was from (he didn’t believe I was from Britain!)

The Hutong School.

The Hutong School.

I was tricked into karaoke, favourite pastime for the locals here – not my favourite – but still ended up being good fun – sang my heart out to black eyed peas in a private room infront of all my colleagues!  The event was in aid of another intern and GSA graduate’s birthday.  His birthday cake was more like the size of a wedding cake and ended up on his face – something to my surprise is not uncommon here!

Picture?? Errrrm no!

Beijing authorities switched the heating on a few weeks ago – a moment that I had been eagerly anticipating as the temperature was quickly dropping.

Hats and gloves are out now!

Hats and gloves are out now!

More coming tomorrow…


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