Scars and Aftermath

Part of the Urban Diagnosis:38 (Emily Anderson)

The Space Between discusses sensory perception in architecture in relation to voids and offers the way of distinguishing between different kinds of voids to clarify thinking in this somewhat neglected area of interest.

The study addresses the differences between negative space and void space and makes progress towards the definition of these differences. Radical propositions are made for the control and transformation of void spaces, healing the scars in the urban fabric.

Voids vary in character. Some are considered to be valuable, such as natural features like rivers and gorges, green lungs amongst the built form, and some are considered detrimental scars caused by demolition, dereliction and neglect.  Voids can be subcategorised into four types: natural voids, planned voids, transitional voids and scars.

ea natural voids ea transitional voids ea scars ea planned voids

Deconstructed Urbanism

Deconstructed Urbanism

Eglinton was chosen for consideration as part of the urban diagnosis because of its fragmentation.

The deconstruction of the area allows the perception of space and void to be made separate, filtering the different layers into buildings, roads, voids and scars. The different layers can be replaced with ‘treatments’, creating interventions addressing the issues of the urban space.

Interventions – spring from a desire to provoke a fresh view of the urban environment. By modelling and drawing fantastical ideas, the existing urban fabric can be instantly transformed with different proposals.

ea boulevards and enclaves ea grid repair and extend ea urban forest green thread

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