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Urban Diagnosis

Urban Diagnosis:38 is the title of the masters project undertaken Sabeya Ali, Zuliana Alizan, Emily Anderson, Natalie Bennett and Farrah Jahangeer at the Glasgow School of Art.  The project is a critique of an urban area in Glasgow, challenging thoughts and perceptions.

Urban Diagnosis Introduction

The vehicle of analysis is the 38 bus which runs along a main arterial route.  The urban diagnosis explores a rich urban scenery that extends from the city centre to greater Glasgow’s suburban periphery.  Any line could be drawn through the city, investigated and probed for its urban makeup, however the 38 bus route has years of development and layers of history, it presents many forms of diverse urbanism, good and bad, that have formulated throughout time.

Urban Diagnosis Quick factsInstinctively nine different areas along the route were defined, each with their own distinctive characteristic.  These areas were identified through changes in density, building style, amenity, street activity, street edges, height, scale, bridges, natural boundaries, topography, transport infrastructure and cultural activity.

Urban Diagnosis progress

Through the initial analysis and film, inspiration was naturally driven towards specific topics, which were then investigated further; subjects include Scars and Aftermath, Temporary Urbanism, Urban Porosity, Soundscape and Urban Luminosity.

More to follow…


GSA Masters Group 38 Exhibition

Group 38 Exhibition, GSA.

Its the last day of 2011, I’ve returned home and I’ve been reflecting on one crazy year.

After finishing up with university I was worried about the current climate in the UK, thinking about unstable jobs, even worse, unemployment, but after this year, I’m thinking its not all doom and gloom if you use it to your advantage…it’s a chance to do different things and look outside the box. I have spent the year meeting many interesting people in the field, been to Toronto and had a chance to see great architecture, met a few starchitects, had time to visit and take part in exhibitions, completed my first book, graduated with masters, worked with 3DReid, spoke at a conference representing Glasgow School of Art, designed a small house in Pakistan, produced the drawings for a book with Robert Mantho from GSA, went to Beijing for an internship with Pansolution International, made connections with people from Tsinghua University and lastly I’ve started this blog which I’m really loving doing …not had a moments spare! I’ve earned a living while doing what I have chosen to and what I enjoy. I’ve had a variety of experience, which has kept the year interesting and exciting.

So to all the architecture students graduating in 2012 looking ahead and worrying, don’t, it will be ok, you just need to get up and go for it!

Happy New Year Everyone!

Here are some of my favourite pictures from the year.


GSA Degree show party

GSA Degree Show Party – last with the Foulis & Newbery Tower buildings before new Steven Holl & JM architects addition.


Daniel Libeskind’s addition to the Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto.

Graduation 3

Graduation, University of Glasgow.

with Zaha Hadid

Meeting with Zaha.

Glasgow Transport Museum

Opening of Zaha Hadid’s Transport Museum, Glasgow.

Glasgow Transport Museum 2

Opening of Zaha Hadid’s Transport Museum, Glasgow.

Velodrome Glasgow

3DReid construction site, Velodrome arena for the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow.

Hutong 2

Looking at hutong life, Beijing

Hutong 1

Looking at hutong life, Beijing

George Square

Glasgow’s George Square turned Philadelphia for Brad Pitt’s movie, World War Z.